In the wake of yesterday's tragic Boston Marathon bombings, Boston Police are seeking the help of civilians to aid their investigation. No photo, video or piece of information is irrelevent. A few updates below on how you can help the investigation, the victims and the city of Boston.

From the Rhode Island Blood Center:

Rhode Island Blood Center Facebook Update: "As of this morning, all hospitals in Boston seem to have adequate blood supplies and have not requested any additional units from RIBC. Should these hospitals need additional products we have the necessary inventory to assist, however is it unlikely that any significant blood requests will be needed from this point forward. We recognize that everyone wants to help in some way, however there is no urgent need to donate for bomb victims. It was the blood that was on the shelves yesterday, donated over the past several weeks, that was key to helping the hospitals in the immediate aftermath. The best thing that you can do is to become regular blood donors so that blood is always available the instant it is needed. We thank all of you for your donations and support. We continue to keep Boston, the lost, the injured and their families in our thoughts."

Resource Centers in Boston: