Photo courtesy of Nailia Schwarz/Shutterstock

This story made us shiver and go “Bleeech!” Little 4-year-old Paul Franklin went on a trip to the beach last month with his family. He fell and scraped his right knee. The parents cleaned it up and put on a Band-Aid. A few weeks later the knee became swollen and looked infected. The doctor thought it was a staph infection, so put Paul on anti-biotics. They helped, but there was a small black bump growing beneath the skin. Paul’s mom decided the wound needed to be drained, so she squeezed it with her fingers and out popped…a sea snail! How did the snail get there? They think a snail egg got under Paul’s skin when he fell, and grew very happily…that is until Mom got it out! They named the snail Turbo! Take a look at this video…it includes footage of the snail!