Dancing With the Stars Season 17 kicked off last night. Valerie Harper had them in tears. She said 'I was given a death sentence and here it is eight or nine months later. I’m way past my expiration date and I’m dancing.'  The judges gave her 21 out of 30 points, and the audience gave her a standing ovation for her foxtrot.

57-year-old Bill Nye the Science Guy said before his performance "We're gonna produce a cha-cha experience like you've never seen, it'll fill you with joy … or it'll be sort of an unwatchable minute and eight seconds." He and his partner Tyne Steckleinnd danced to the song Weird Science…and you know…he wasn’t half bad! The judges didn’t think it was all that great, but what do they know! TC was busy watching his partner dance...I don't think he even noticed Bill's fancy footwork. He was last night's low scorer.