Life is about to get better for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream fans. The beloved treat making company has found another way to make us happy: they’re making ice cream flavored lip balms.

The sweet lip balms come in four flavors:

Strawberry Kiwi Swirl

Mint Chocolate Cookie

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Apparently, they’re made with good stuff like organically-derived extra-virgin olive oil, hemp seed, and jojoba, so they’re perfect for hydrating your pucker.

And while people are calling the Ben and Jerry’s lip balms “new,” a little Instagram research reveals they’ve actually been out for about a year - they’re just not easy to find. To get your tasty ice cream themed lip goodness you have to order by phone from the company’s merchandise site, or pick one up at a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop.

The balms sell for $4 and they come in a cute container that looks like a mini pint of ice cream. So if you’re willing to shell out that kind of cash for a sweet lip, rock on!

Source: Shape