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Haven't ridden much since my long ride to va beach and back in June, between, work, weather, and honey dos the times been limited…but hoping to go for a decent ride this weekend. According to recent data motorcycle registrations have increased over 15% in the past 5 years but the fatality rate per 100,000 bikes has DECLINED by 24%. Why? An increase in people taking motorcycle safety courses, billboards reminding drivers to the share the road with bikers. My observation is most riders are wearing helmets. It all has to help. But still, the biggest problem, not only for bikers but for car drivers as well, has to be distracted driving.  Just this week, I saw two drivers texting while driving. I was on 95 south and a car was weaving from one lane to another.  I thought 12 noon was a little early to be drunk driving, but when I pulled alongside, sure enough, the driver was texting. You’re operating a couple of tons of machinery going over 60 with other cars and bikes all around and paying attention to the road is NOT your first priority?  I think it’s an epidemic and its gotta stop or we’re all in jeopardy.

Great ride coming up!

The 6th Annual Hasbro
Children’s Hospital Motorcycle Run

Sunday, July 21

Donation: $20.00 per person

Location: WalMart, 1180 Fall River ave., Seekonk, Ma., Upper parking lot. Ride ends at Tweets Balzanos, Hope ave. in Bristol, R.I.


Registration begins 10am / ride leaves at 12 noon sharp!

Helmets required for ALL riders

Dinner…Music…Raffles…50/50 raffle