Both Macs are back!! Fleetwood Mac…and Christine McVie! She’s decided to tour with the band again after retiring back in 1998. They’ve a huge, two year tour with several stops in North America. They’ll play the TD Garden in Boston on October 10th! Rolling Stone asked her why she left the band back in 1998: Here’s what she said. “I initially developed a great fear of flying. It was a real phobia. I also bought a house in England and decided, to a degree, I was really tired of the road. I wasn't just burned out, but I was tired of traveling and living out of a suitcase. I’m quite a domestic person by nature and the nomad thing had got a bit stale on me, really. . .  It was never anything personal between the five of us.  It was just that I felt my time had come and I just thought that I really wanted to leave Los Angeles and make a home in England. That was the root of it, really."