Photo courtesy of SydaProductions/Shutterstock

The royal presents sure have been piling up! Prince William and Kate's son Prince George has been receiving a boatload of strange birthday gifts. Word is officials from Australia's Northern Territory gave the newborn a baby crocodile named George who will live with two other crocodiles named William and Kate. At his christening, little George will be given a pair of French cufflinks…why not...he’s already received a suit and tie from the Israelis! He even has his own designated parking space at a local supermarket for when his mom and dad need to go on a royal diaper run!  But one of the strangest gifts came from Kela -- the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. They sent a gift box full of items the prince might need, like clothing, diaper cream, and a towel…oh yeah also condoms and bra pads! We assume those are for mom and dad.