Baby Oil Came Between Andre The Giant And Randy Savage

By now you’ve probably heard that there’s a documentary coming about the life of legendary wrestler, Andre The Giant. With that news, has come a slew of stories about Andre. One of the more interesting tales comes from the brother of the late Randy Savage. Lanny Poffo says that there was real-life tension between Andre and Randy, and that it all stemmed from baby oil.

It, as it turns out, was pretty stupid, too. Andre supposedly thought that the “Macho Man” slathered himself in too much baby oil before his matches. “The Giant” couldn’t stand the stuff. Savage’s retort was that Andre’s gimmick was being a giant, and Macho Man’s was…uh…baby oil…and he never backed down from it. Sounds like a pretty dumb reason to hold a grudge if you ask us…which, of course, you didn’t.

The daughter of Andre tells a different story, however. The way she saw it, Andre lost all kinds of respect for Savage after the whole steroid thing, and that’s the source of all the ugliness between the two. Either way, we’re sure they’re both fighting it out in the after-life.

Source: Uproxx

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