Toddler Sits With Officer Who Was Dining Alone

As Sergeant Steven Dearth was having dinner at a Massachusetts Panera, he was lucky enough to meet a new friend. The Hingham Police Department officer was approached by a little girl named Lillian, who was having dinner with her family, but she really wanted to talk to Dearth.

Sgt. Dearth gave three-year-old Lillian a high five and a Junior Police Officer sticker before sitting down to eat dinner. Then the little girl came and sat down with him, to get to know her new buddy better, all under the watchful eye of her nearby parents.

“She asked if I had a police car and toward the end of the dinner she said, 'We should have a playdate in a few days.'" Dearth says. "The whole time she never turned around to look at her parents. It was amazing to see a child that was that comfortable around a uniform police officer."

Source: Inside Edition

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