The Best April Fools' Day Food Moments

April Fools' Day fell on a weekend this year, but plenty of companies were working overtime and got in the holiday spirit. Here are some of the best food-related pranks from the day: 

Krispy Kreme: British fans of Krispy Kreme got alarming news leading up to April Fools' Day: the company was changing its name. Instead of spelling Kreme with a "K," they were going with a "C" from now on. Why? According to “Chief Donut Officer” Michael Davis, Brits were having too much trouble pronouncing the name. 

Netflix: Netflix didn't skimp when it came to an April Fools' Prank. Instead, they had Will Arnett narrating everyday appliances in action...for 48-minutes. Perhaps the best part of "Netflix LIVE!?" Arnett contemplating the amount of time required to heat a burrito all the way through in the microwave. Netflix "cancelled" its live program, but you can watch the whole thing 

Jameson: Jameson whiskey takes pride in their Irish roots, and for April Fools' Day, they dug their heels in big time and announced they'd discovered a 230-year-old barrel of whiskey. As they put it, the booze was “aged in a top-secret cellar where old Irish gentlemen sang it old Irish songs.” The problem, though, was evaporation had left only one glass worth...and a very clumsy employee didn't exactly help the situation.

Grubhub: For those customers who are too impatient for regular old delivery, Grubhub announced they'd offer Delivery X, where parkour athletes, professional skateboarders, and BMX riders bring food to your door “faster than ever before.”

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