WWE’s Kane Wants To Be Mayor

Glenn Jacobs has a rich and proud history. For 20 years, he lived a half-life as Kane, the half-brother of The Undertaker in the WWE. During that time, he was a solo and tag-team champion, and even got to attack wanna-be-Hall-of-Famer Pete Rose on a couple of occasions. Now, he has his sights set on something bigger.

The 49-year-old Jacobs has decided to through his tights into the ring in a run for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Jacobs is a Libertarian, who thinks that Knox County is the greatest place in the entire world to live. His platform is pretty straightforward: create new jobs, keep taxes low, and run a government that is “open and transparent.”

Incidentally, he thinks that the world of wrestling prepared him for the job of city government. Through that profession, he learned that great leaders “get out in front, they have a vision, and the show people how it benefits them and pull them along.” As Kane, Jacobs was known for using fire as a weapon. A homage to that is seen in his campaign logo, along with the slogan, “Lighting the way for our future.” Smart.

Source: Deadspin

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