Finland Now Has Thousand-Packs Of Beer

There’s an old adage about “go big or go home.” And with that in mind, consider the beer-battle currently brewing in Finland. In this case, what started as a joke, has just fermented into awesome, courtesy of the Keisari brewery.

First, a rival came out with 100-packs of beer. On the surface, that sounds amazing. But Keisari had a better idea: a “case” of beer that contains 1,080 cans.

Converted to U.S. dollars, you’d be looking at just over 2 bucks a can for the stuff. Using “Rain Man”-like math skills, that equates to just over $2,160 for the case. It’s available exclusively at K-supermarket stores in Finland, so Amazon Prime won’t exactly cut it. There’s another problem, too…getting it to your house. The stack is 12-beers wide,18-beers long, and stacked 5-beers high. So, buyers need to make sure they bring a truck and a forklift.

Source: Grub Street

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