Liam Neeson Taken by B.C. Shop’s Promise of Free Food

A sandwich shop in New Westminster is proving that even an A-list actor can't resist the lure of free food.

Alex Johrden, spokesman for Big Star Sandwich Co., says staff heard about a movie filming in the area and decided to put a sign outside the restaurant on Tuesday that said "Liam Neeson eats here for free," hoping the action hero would stop by.

Hours later, Neeson walked in.

Hard Powder not filming in Alberta is lost opportunity, says Tom Jackson

Johrden says the star used the gruff voice he made famous in the Taken movies and said "Where's my sandwich?"

He says Neeson posed for photos but didn't stop to eat.

Neeson is in B.C. filming Hard Powder where he plays an honest snowplow driver whose son is murdered by a local drug kingpin.

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