Kraft’s New ‘Swear Like A Mother’ Ad Is Hilarious

For all the moms who feel guilty for swearing in front of your kids, Kraft wants us to know it’s okay. According to their research, 74% of mamas admit to cursing in front of their children - which makes us wonder what the other 26% do.

The food company just released a funny new ad for its Mac and Cheese, featuring Melissa Mohr, a mom herself and swearing expert - she literally wrote the book on it - she’s the author of “Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing.” And she teaches us how to “swear like a mother.”

In the video, Mohr offers up some curse word alternatives for parents to use around the kiddos guilt-free. She suggests that when you want to say, “Move you’re a*s and get your sh*t together for soccer,” you could opt for a kid-friendlier “Get off your monkey flunking tablet and get your shiitake mushrooms ready for soccer practice.”

The hilarious video is a great reminder that all moms are trying to do their best. “No parent is perfect, but sometimes you can do better,” Mohr explains. “That’s why I’m here. Other times you can’t and that’s why there’s Kraft Mac and Cheese.”


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