On What Planet Do 51 Year Olds Look Like This?

26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

Jennifer Aniston turned 51 on Tuesday, 2/11. 51? 51! How is that possible? I have to admit to having a big crush on Jen. My wife, also named Jenn (but spelled the "correct" way, as my wife would say), knows that Jennifer Aniston is at the top of my list. You know...the "list." Anyway - Aniston is amazing. Now, my wife is also 51 and amazing, so lucky for me my life has a pretty good theme going on here.

In this video clip below Jen Aniston says her secret is "working out, taking care of yourself and eating right." But I know better. She clearly has made a deal with the Devil. Sold her soul for immortality, or eternal beauty, or whatever. But I don't care. There's always room for an evil girl at the top of "the list." By the way, if you think I'm being sexist, you should know that I am well aware and OK with the fact that my wife also has "the list" which includes Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Brendan Frasier (in younger days, like when he did "The Mummy"), plus at least two other dudes who look nothing like me.

(photo: Getty Images. Video courtesy of YouTube.)

And in case you're not familiar with "the list" or "Freebie list," here is the concept discussed in detail on an episode of Friends...which coincidentally was where most of us first found Jennifer Aniston. (courtesy of YouTube)

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