Too Many Demands During Bid Process Force Delays In Bridge Project

Governor McKee, along with State Transportation officials say they have no idea when the Washington Bridge project is going to begin, or when it is going to end.

State Transportation Chief Peter Alviti says the state demanded too much from bidders for the 300 million dollar infrastructure project, and those demands meant that no one was really interested in bidding.

Alviti says the DOT will ask construction firms for information as to their needs for the project and then rebid.

But those may be costly delays.

The project had expected to cost some 300 million dollars. And State officials concede any talk about timelines may be premature.

The original plan was to have the bid process this week and begin the process of awarding the massive project.

And, with the delays the anticipated completion of the project in September of 2026 may be in jeopardy.

(RI Department of Transportation Photo)

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