Meatloaf Touring Without Singing...Huh?

Meatloaf has been dealing with a lot of back issues that’s preventing him from ever performing again, but that doesn’t mean we won’t ever see him on tour. 

In case you missed it, “The Sun” reports that Meatloaf is thinking about going on a “Bat Out Of Hell” tour in which he’ll tell stories about his career, but leave the singing to “American Idol” winner Caleb Johnson. 

“He’s been relying on pre-recorded vocal tracks for a while but doesn’t want to face accusations of miming on a huge tour, so is passing the baton on to Caleb, who he’s a big fan of, " a source told The Sun newspaper. “Instead his involvement will be telling stories of how he met (producer) Jim Steinman, who he’s worked with since the Seventies, and other anecdotes.”

 The insider adds, “He has a really committed core fanbase who often put up with his weird and wonderful ways. But them paying to see someone else sing his hits might be a step too far.” 

Here's a video of Mr. Loaf's most iconic hit in better days.  (courtesy of YouTube) 

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