Check out the Meteor Shower this Weekend!

Sometimes I get the astronomy bug, especially during cool events like the Perseid Meteor Showers.  Over the next few nights (Friday-Sunday), the annual showers will peak, so it'll be a GREAT time to watch for shooting stars.  Watch the videos below for more info (courtesy of YouTube). 

It's pretty easy  - Just find a spot without a lot of light pollution and look up at night this weekend.  Most of the meteors will appear slightly towards the north, but you should see them if you look straight up.  My method is to lie in a lawn chair.  That help you avoid a sore neck.  Rural places away from cities, like western Coventry or Foster could see up to 5 or 10 times more meteors than people near Providence or Boston.   

The peak is Sunday night.  During the late night hours into Monday morning, you could see over 70 shooting stars per hour.  That's over one per minute!  Be sure to allow some time for your eyes to adjust to the dark  (at least 15 minutes) so you see as many stars as possible.  Don't try to use binoculars or a telescope, as that will limit your peripheral vision.  Enjoy!!    

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