Woodstock?!... The Worst Gig Ever, Says Roger Daltrey

Say what you will about this year’s failed Woodstock 50 festival, it turns out not everyone has such a fond memory of the original either. In a new interview, The Who vocalist Roger Daltrey calls the iconic 1969 festival their worst gig ever. Well, he wouldn’t do it again if he had the choice, at least. A combination of equipment problems, lots of mud, and a variety of delays may have been easy to ride out when the band was young, but if he was offered to do it now, he’d “walk away.”

The festival ran three days straight and the Who, one of rock's most legendary bands was bumped to 5am, just before first light. To be honest, it's hard to believe they even played. Can you imagine U2 or Bruce Springsteen, or any pf today's stars going on at 5am? I don't think so.

(video courtesy of YouTube)

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