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TV Couples - Who Are The Most Unlikely Pairs?

Earlier this week, my friends on our morning show, Kristin and Steve asked listeners who were their favorite TV couples? They got some great responses. Steve said Dan and Roseanne on "Roseanne," while Kristin loved Al and Peg Bundy from "Married with Children." (Click here to check out their podcast.)

The conversation got me thinking about all of the couples who I never bought as believable. I can instantly think of MANY couples who probably would never have gotten together, and a bunch more who probably would have killed each other in real life. Here's my list:

Unlikely Pairs (AKA "She's way out of his league.")

Doug and Carrie - King of Queens

Bob and Emily - The Bob Newhart Show

Ross and Rachel - Friends

Frank and Margaret(Hot Lips) - M*A*S*H*

Darren and Samantha - Bewitched

Fred and Wilma - The Flintstones

Walt and Skyler - Breaking Bad

Larry and Cheryl - Curb Your Enthusiasm

Why Would she STAY with HIM?

Mr. and Mrs. Roper - Three's Company

Archie and Edith - All in the Family

Ralph and Alice - the Honeymooners

Tony and Carmella - The Sopranos

George and Louise - The Jeffersons

On the Flip Side... Great Chemistry (despite the ups and downs)

Sam and Diane- Cheers

Ray and Debra - Everybody Love Raymond

Jim and Pam - The Office

Rob and Laura - The Dick Van Dyke Show

Lucy and Ricky - I Love Lucy

For more great topics, check out Kristin and Steve's podcast below! (photo: Getty Images)

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