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Thank a Veteran! Today (3/29) Is Viet Nam War Veterans Day

American soldiers get off helicopters during the o

BON SON, VIET NAM: American soldiers get off helicopters during the operation "Double eagle" against a Vietcong position at Bon Son, south Vietnam, 07 March 1966. (Photo credit should read AFP via Getty Images)Photo: Getty Images

When I was a kid, we learned very little in school about the war in Viet Nam, despite the fact that some of the most intense parts of the war and most of the controversies associated with it, happened during my lifetime. Viet Nam vets are among the vets who got the worst deal when returning home. There was no glory associated with the war, and resources for vets who returned from a horrible conflict were far more limited than they are today.

In 2017, March 29th was designated National Viet Nam War Veterans' Day.

What we can we do to help? Two simple, easy things:

1- Say "Thanks" to a vet. Whether it be a friend of family member who served, or just a total stranger, a simple "Thanks for your service," always seems to be appreciated. Posting that message on social media will also help you reach plenty of veterans.

2- Donate to an organization that supports vets. One of my favorite local organizations is Operation Stand Down, which provides everything from housing assistance to legal and employment help for veterans, to food pantries and a myriad of other services. Find out more about their work and donate by clicking here: Operation Stand Down Rhode Island (

Thank you veterans, for the sacrifices you have made to protect our freedoms here in America and around the world!

photo: Getty Images

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