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Saturday (4/30) is National "Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!"

Tino and BG

My cat, Valentino, adopted from Providence Animal Rescue League in 2016. He loves to "help" with the radio show whenever I broadcast from home. Photo: Bill George

Saturday (4/30) is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! It's a wonderful reminder that there are thousands of animals looking for homes. You could find your next best friend at a shelter here in Southern New England.

As you may know, my wife and I have adopted many shelter pets over the years. Our most recent adoptees came from Providence Animal Rescue League. Valentino was the very first cat we featured on my weekly "Pet of the Week" FaceBook video series in 2016. He was a six week old kitten who didn't have a mother around, so he was bottle-fed by Lea, one of the PARL staff members, and her husband. As a result, he is a sweet and affectionate boy.

His adopted brother Zeke, whom we adopted in 2019 is the cutest pest you could have. (That's not a typo, I do mean PEST.) He delights in knocking over anything and everything in order to get attention. Sometimes it happens 2am, or whenever he wants you to wake up and pay attention to him or feed him treats. At 17 pounds (and solid), he is pretty good at causing trouble and demanding attention. A real character!

If you are looking to give a cat, dog or small animal (Guinea Pigs, rabbits, etc.) a new home, Providence Animal Rescue League always has plenty to choose from. Click here to learn about their adoption process and to see who's available for adoption.


Our most recent shelter pet adoption: Ezekiel (Zeke) from Providence Animal Rescue League. Like this pose? he is a real character!Photo: Bill George


Bill's cat Valentino. We got lucky with this guy. He is as charming as he is handsome. Photo: Bill George

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