Ohio Woman Tased After Refusing To Wear Mask

The organization overseeing Ohio athletic events requires masks at all games, but one woman refused to follow the rules and faced the consequences.

The woman, identified as Alecia Kitts, brought two kids with her to roots for Marietta City School at the home of their opponents Logan-Hocking School District. She refused to wear a mask due to having asthma, so was asked to leave the game.

School resource officer Chris Smith then repeated his request that she mask up or leave and she became belligerent. Two officers came to assist and Kitts refused to follow orders, so she was tased, handcuffed, and removed from the game.

Video of the incident became viral, with people split over it. Some are angry she was tased, while others point out she refused to follow the rules and felt the consequences.

In the aftermath, the school district was locked down after a threat was phoned in. Kitts has been charged with criminal trespass and had been released at the scene. Other charges are pending.

Source:NBC News

Photo: Getty Images