Wine Pours From Water Faucets in Italy!

Oh the irony! Just when the Coronavirus halts travel to starts pouring from water faucets! In the tiny village of Settecani, folks turned on their water taps in their kitchens and bathrooms only to find that wine was coming out instead of water! Of course every Italian knows the smell of good wine, and this was a Lambrusco Grasparossa, a wine produced in the area. A silo at the local winery was leaking and contaminated the water supply by seeping into the pipes. The leak was quickly fixed, but not before the locals captured as much of the free wine as they could! One resident was able to fill hundreds of bottles of wine for himself! Who has that many empty wine bottles lying around...wait, don't answer that question.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Close-Up Of Red Wine Being Poured In Glass Against White Background

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