Dee Wallace Stone Stars In a New Horror Movie Called "The Nest!"

Horror movie icon Dee Wallace Stone, star of Stephen King's "Cujo," "The Howling," "The Frieghteners," "Critters," Rob Zombie's "Halloween" is in a new, super creepy crawly horor movie called "The Nest" available now at Redbox and also on digital DVD and On Demand now from 4 Digital Media.

I watched "The Nest" and it literally gave me nightmares. If you hate bugs, this one will really get under your skin! The movie follows a young girl named Meg who becomes infected by a parasitic creature after her parents buy her a teddy bear at a yard sale. The creature jumps from the bear into Meg, and quickly takes over her body and changes her personality drastically destroying her family.

Listen as Dee talks about her role in the film, what it was like to work with the other members of the cast and talks about other projects she's working on right now. Of course you'll also remember her as the mom in the classic 80s movie "ET The Extraterrestrial!" Check out my interview with Dee below!

Photo Credit: Premiere Networks

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