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Drawing Bought for $30 at An Estate Sale Worth $50 Million!

Wow! You never know what you can find at an estate sale! A man in Massachusetts bought a drawing at one for $30. Turns out it’s a priceless work of art by a famous artist!

Clifford Schorer, onetime president of the Worcester Art Museum, was on Route 495 headed for New Haven, Connecticut for a retirement party. He realized he forgot the gift, so he stopped to visit a rare book dealer in hopes of buying something for the retiree. 

He purchased a book of poetry and was going to leave when the owner asked if he knew anything about art because his friend purchased a drawing and wanted to know more about it.

After seeing a picture of the drawing, he went to the man’s home to get a closer look. Schorer said, ‘This is either a masterpiece or the greatest fraud in the world.’”

He took a chance and purchased the drawing from the man for $100,000. Now, after having it appraised, turns out the work, known as “The Virgin and Child with a Flower on a Grassy Bank,” by Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer, is authentic. In fact, the piece is so rare, experts expect it to fetch at least $50 million!

Starting January 21st, the drawing will be put on display at the Colnaghi gallery in Manhattan. Read more about the drawing HERE!

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