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Do Americans Want to Be President? Nope. Not Really.

Happy President’s Day! Although I’m not sure how happy any of our presidents are while serving in the job. Notice they all seem to look a lot older by the end of their terms than they did at the beginning? 

A new poll asked whether or not us little people would have any desire to be president ourselves, even for a single day, and it looks like nope, most people do not want to take on the job.  

Here are some of the results of this YouGov poll: 

Only 39% of Americans are very or somewhat interested in being president for a day. I’m actually surprised the number is that high. Meanwhile, 55% are not very or not at all interested. 

Surprisingly, Democrats and Republicans actually agree on something, 55% of each do not want to be president for a day, but there are some who would like it with 41% of Dems and 42% of Republicans saying they are somewhat or very interested. 

More men than women say they would want the gig (48% vs. 31%), and 63% of women say they are not interested in running the country at all, that's versus 47% of guys. 

I know I couldn’t handle the pressure of that job, not even for one day. I wouldn’t want to be followed around by the media every minute of the day either.  

I would like being able to fly on air force one any time I wanted...that’s a nice perk! But being thanks.

The presidential seal is affixed is affixed to a podium

Photo: Getty Images

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