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2022 Oscar Swag Bags...See What's Inside!

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, March 27, 2022, 8:00 PM on ABC, and even if the Oscar nominees fail to bring home a gold statuette, they won’t go home empty handed. Each of them will receive an “Everyone Wins” swag bag valued in the 6 figures! Each of those fancy goodie bags has a value of well over $100,000! Those must be some pretty big bags! 

Items range from bizarre to lavish. Check out some of the stuff that’s in there: 

Flavor wrapped popcorn kernels from Opopop 

Ariti gold-infused olive oil 

Biscuits and wafers from Bahlsen Biscuits 

Exploding Minions game 

Coal and Canary candles 

Sleep gummies 

Meal delivery from NutriFit 

Art Lipo body enhancements from Dr. Thomas Su 

Warmies microwavable stuffed animals 

A "SeaWorld Blows" inflatable Orca from PETA 

An all-inclusive stay at Turin Castle in Scotland 

Plots of Scottish land from Highland Titles that give them the titles of Lords and Ladies 

The catch with these swag bags is the celebs must pay the taxes on the value of the items at whatever percentage, but I’m sure these guys and gals can afford it. In fact, I hear often the stars gift the items in the bags to members of their staff as a thank you, or even auction them off for charity. It’s pretty nice to be a Hollywood VIP! 

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Photo: Getty Images

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