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Americans’ Fears Include Snakes, Heights and More

Most people have a fear of something, whether it be heights, enclosed spaces, etc. But a new survey reveals which fears are the most common amongst Americans and you may, or may not, be surprised by the results.

A new YouGov survey finds:

Among a list of 30 possible fears, snakes came out as the most common fear amongst Americans.

Overall, 30% of Americans say they have a fear of snakes, followed by:

  • Heights (28%)
  • Spiders (24%)
  • Public speaking (23%)
  • Disease (21%)
  • Crowded spaces (17%)
  • Enclosed spaces (17%)
  • Only 16% of Americans say they have no fears at all. 

When asked how much they fear something, the list changes slightly.

  • Those who fear snakes are the most likely to say they fear them “a great deal.”
  • But coming in second are those who fear flying, with 57% say they fear it “a great deal.”
  • When it comes to the list overall, only 9% of Americans say they have a fear of flying.
  • Others folks say they fear “a great deal” include:
    • Fire (54%)
    • Large bodies of water (53%)
    • Enclosed spaces (51%)
    • Spiders (51%) 

But how do people feel about their fears?

  • Only 9% look at their fears as fully irrational.
  • 21% say they are somewhat irrational.
  • But 26% insist their fears are rational, and another 34% say they are somewhat rational.
  • 34% of people who say their fears are irrational admit they interfere with their daily lives.
  • But only 25% of people overall say their fears interfere with their daily life, while 70% say they do not. 


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