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The 'Christmas Story' House is Up For Sale

Wow! Did you see Ralphie Parker’s house is up for sale? The iconic house where the classic holiday movie ‘A Christmas Story’ was filmed in 1983, is on the market. 

It’s probably one of the most recognizable houses in Cleveland with its yellow siding and green trim and wraparound covered front porch. The home, which was built in 1895, is all decorated just as it was in the movie and has served as a museum since 2006. Around 75,000 people visit the house every year both for tours and overnight stays at the house itself and the house next door.  

The current owner Brian Jones bought the property back in 2004 for 150-thousand dollars and poured thousands of dollars' worth of work into it restoring it to the way it appeared in the movie. No word yet what his asking price is, but I can imagine it’s going to be quite a bit since he’s invested so much into it.    

When you purchase the home at West 11th Street you also get the Bumpus House next door, a museum and a detached garage. Parked inside is a shiny red 1939 Ford LaFrance fire truck which is also included in the sale! What I really want to know, is the leg lamp included? 

And it sounds like Brian is cashing in at the right time as the listing of the property comes as the sequel to the holiday classic called "A Christmas Story Christmas" will debut this Thursday on HBO Max. 

Source: USA Today

Retro 1950""s Leg Lamp next to Chirstmas Stockings

Photo: Getty Images

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