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First Details of King Charles' Coronation Released

We’re starting to get some details from the Royal Family regarding the upcoming coronation of King Charles over in the United Kingdom, and it will be a bit non-traditional. 

First of all, Charles’ wife Camilla will be crowned right alongside the new King, and she will be given more of the spotlight. The last time a royal consort was crowned was back in 1937 at the coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth.  

The ceremony scheduled for Saturday May 6th will be much shorter than that of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 which clocked in at three hours. King Charles and Queen Camilla will take part in the entire ceremony together, rather than just King Charles alone.Together they will make their way over to Westminster Abbey, be crowned and then head back to Buckingham Palace to appear jointly on the balcony.  

In another break from tradition, King Charles will be wearing his military uniform, instead of the traditional silk stockings and breeches.  

Rumor is Prince Harry will not have a role in the coronation at all, and it’s not even certain he will attend, although those plans could change over the next few months.  

A Coronation Concert is also planned and it will air live from Windsor Castle on the BBC on Sunday, May 7th.  Click HERE for more information on Coronation Weekend.

Source: BBC

State Opening Of Parliament 2022

Photo: Getty Images

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