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"Walking Dead" Spin-Off "Dead City" Filming in New Jersey, Debuts in June

If you miss The Walking Dead, one of the many spin-offs of the popular AMC series is going to debut in June. The new series “Dead City” will be set in Manhattan, and New Jersey serves as a stand in for The Big Apple.  

The show is currently being filmed in counties all over New Jersey including Rutherford, Cedar Grove, Franklin Lakes, Midland Park, Newark, Holmdel, Patterson, Hoboken and Jersey City. 

“Dead City” is the fourth spin-off of the original series and features Lauren Cohen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan returning as the characters of Maggie and Negan. 

The pair travel into a post-apocalyptic Manhattan which is now cut off from the mainland. They’re looking for Maggie's son Hershel who has been kidnapped.  Of course, the city is full of walkers and the living, some good and some bad, who are trying to survive. 

The Walking Dead: Dead City will premiere on June 18th and the season will have six episodes.  

Source: NBC 4 New York

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