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Netflix to Let Customers Keep DVDs Once Rental Service Shuts Down Sept 29th

For years at my house, we used the Netflix service where they would send you DVDs in those red envelopes. You would watch them and send them back when you were done, and they'd send you more.

We had a watch list with all the movies and TV series we wanted to to get on DVD. Of course when we’d finally get them they’d sit on the entertainment center near the TV and we’d never watch them, so eventually we cancelled the service.  

Now Netflix is getting rid of that service altogether. On Monday, the streamer announced that customers can keep any DVD's that they still have hanging around at home after September 29th, which is the date the Netflix DVD service shuts down for good.  

Also, subscribers may be able to get up to 10 discs for free as the service starts clearing out their inventory. 

I mean, really, what are they gonna do with them? Might as well give them away. 

Source: ARS Technica

Possible End To Saturday Postal Service Threatens Netflix

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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