"Walking Dead" Director Says Midseason Will Kill You

"Walking Dead" fans are in for hurting with the midseason premiere. If you thought losing your favorite character was bad, you may have your heart ripped out after this episode which premieres February 25th. That's the word according to director/ executive producer Greg Nicotero, who admits he shed some tears.

What can we expect? We will see Carl succumb to the bite we sorted out in the last up and Nicotero says it’s “devastating.” When watching the first cut of the episode he says “tears were coming out of [his] eyes 20 minutes into it.” He compares it to season five’s Tyreese bite in terms of how his final moments play out.

Nicotero adds that “it’s never easy” to send a character off. “You just really want to make sure that they have an opportunity to show people what their character is made of,” he says. He leaves fans with one hopeful message by ensuring them “it’s a beautiful episode” and that he hopes they can put their feelings aside when they watch in order “to make peace with it.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Gene Page/AMC

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