A Good Nap’s Highly Underrated…Make It More Effective

Few things in this beautiful world are more cherished than a well-timed, hard-earned nap. When you do it properly, that hour or so of rest can get you charged for the rest of the day, or night. But napping isn’t as easy as laying down and closing your eyes.

First off, you have to get the timing right. If you need to leap back up into action, then NEVER go more than 45 minutes or you may drift into a heavier sleep than you intended and wake up a groggy zombie. If you need to get more rest than that, and you have the time, then stick with the 90- to 120-minute nappy to get all the cycles in.

These tips will get your naps more focused and effective, too.

Set a timer – That way you won’t overdo it and wipe yourself out for any possibility of sleep later on in the evening (especially if it’s a work day.)

Activity – Get some motion in your routine before and after’s much more potent than being a lazy-butt, taking a nap, and then doing more couch surfing.

Random times – You don’t have to do it every day, obviously, but when you do, try to make it at the same time each time you take your nap. Getting a set sleep pattern is the best way to get good sleep.

Finally, and this is most important, if you’re not a doctor, first-responder, or have a family memberthat could be in-crisis…for God’s sake…turn off your phone.

That’s the ultimate nap-killer. Whomever it is can wait…you need your zzz’s.

Sour: Men’s Health

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