Here’s One Way To Have Fun With The SOTU Address

President Trump's first State of the Union address is upon us tonight which means there's a drinking game to go along with it. "Red Eye," a publication put out by the "Chicago Tribune," has some of the rules. Take a drink whenever Trump talks about the electoral college, says a variation of "people are saying more and more" or "we're bringing something back or making something bigger than ever."

Here are the full rules:

Take one drink whenever…

Trump strikes his goofy “thumps up” pose

Trump mentions his electoral college win and/or the size of his inauguration crowd

Trump spreads his arms out

Trump says some variation of “People are saying, more and more”

Trump talks about “bringing X back, folks” or “making Y bigger than ever” (e.g. jobs, stock market, State of the Union speeches, democracy)

Kellyanne Conway scares you

You notice the size of Trump’s handsT

he camera cuts to Barron Trump

Take two drinks whenever…

Trump guarantees something: “I promise you”

Trump insults someone

Trump botches his delivery

There’s a standing ovation

Pundits make some reference to Trump “becoming presidential”

Melania looks completely disaffected

Finish your drink whenever…Trump makes a “You’re fired” reference

Trump does the thing where he instructs no one in particular to “turn off the cameras in the back” so he can say something about the “nasty media”

Trump otherwise begins to blatantly ad-lib

Take a shot whenever...Trump drinks a beverage using both hands

You notice Trump’s hairpiece move

Tiffany Trump shows up

The State of the Union address is at 9 pm Eastern.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Image: Getty Images North America

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