Bride Gets Trapped In Elevator On Way To Reception

Sounds like something that could only happen in my homes state!

A Rhode Island bride missed cocktail hour after she became stuck in an elevator on the way to her wedding reception.

Melissa Rodger said she and two wedding planners were taking the elevator to cocktail hour at her wedding reception at the Providence Biltmore when the elevator abruptly stopped four feet over the landing.

"I was hoping that it would just take a minute," Rodger told WLNE-TV. "Five minutes went by and I thought: 'OK, something might be wrong.'"

Her new husband, Justin Rodger, said he received the news a few minutes later.

"One of her bridesmaids came up to me and whispered in my ear: 'we have a situation that's going on,'" he said. "'Don't be alarmed, but Melissa is stuck in the elevator.'"

Providence Battalion Chief Jay Viens said he has seen many jammed elevator calls in his 26 years on the job, but Saturday was the first time he encountered a trapped bride.

"We were prepared to get her honeymoon clothes down to her so she could change so she could crawl out," Viens said.

A technician was able to get the elevator running again about 45 minutes after it stopped.

The Rogers said the rest of their reception went well, despite starting a little late.

Images: Getty - Lulu

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