Imposters Posing as Springfield Water and Sewer Commission Employees

The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission is reminding residents that no employees will go home to home unannounced for maintenance work or to collect water samples.

The reminder comes as the commission continues investigate recent reports of people claiming to be Springfield Water and Sewer employees attempting to gain entry into homes in Springfield and Ludlow.

A Springfield Water and Sewer Commission spokesperson said a woman going by the name of Maria Rodriguez has visited homes unannounced, posing as a Aqualite US representative that needs to take water samples on behalf of the water and sewer commission. In some instances, the person has left cards on doors to set up an “appointment.”

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The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission has provided the following safety reminders in response to these incidents:

* Commission work is performed by appointment.  Employees may visit a property unannounced at times; however, most of those contacts are due to a water or sewer emergency.

 * Do not allow anyone who claims to be a Commission employee into your home without first checking their official Springfield Water and Sewer Commission identification card. The backs of the cards include a number you may call to verify employment with the Commission.

* Commission employees drive blue or white vehicles with official blue license plates, and the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission seal is displayed on the vehicle.

* You may contact 413-452-1320 to verify that an employee works at SWSC, and/or you may call Customer Service at 413-310-3501 to verify that the employee is scheduled to perform work at your property.

* Payments and other account transactions are only accepted by mail, on-line, or at designated payment locations.  Commission employees never ask for cash payments, money transfers, or refunds while at a customer’s home.

* If you suspect that an individual is unlawfully posing as a Commission employee, do not allow them access to your property and contact your police department.

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