Best Dating Advice People Got From Therapists

Divorce or the end of a very long term relationship sucks.  I don't have to convince you of that!  It's easy to blame yourself (or in my case, listen to your ex try and convince you that you were the reason why she cheated!!).  Some times, seeing a therapist can really help you work through things and get back on the right track.

Therapists can help you find your way through a broken heart and come out better on the other side. These professionals have heard it all before and they tend to be the best listeners - well, you are paying them - and they have spot-on advice, unlike your besties. Here’s some of the best dating advice my therapist ever told me.

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Letting go is hard, but necessary – “If you have to ask if she needs to go, then you already know the answer.”

Don’t settle – “You are intelligent and beautiful, do not settle for less.”

Take care of your own needs – “That I am responsible for my own feelings and others are responsible for their feelings.”

Love yourself – “Make a list of ten things you value in a partner. Then work on making sure you have all of those things yourself. While you are working on yourself love will find you. Self love is the most important part of love.”

Don’t shove your feelings down – “Lean into feelings. Don’t be afraid of the pain because it hurts today, it will hurt tomorrow, too.”

It takes two – “That a successful relationship takes effort on both sides, but not necessarily 100% effort from both sides all the time.”

Don’t take your partner down with you – “Don’t drag others through your mud, if at all possible.”

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