Professional Gamer Dumps Hottest Weather Girl Ever…For Gaming

The rumblings started happening over the weekend, and now the reasons are coming in. On Friday, Yenet Garcia – otherwise known as “the world’s hottest weathergirl” – posted “Heartbroken” on her social media account. It appeared that she was single again, and not by choice. Her boyfriend, Douglas “FaZe Censor” Martin had called things off.

Then, the reasoning came out, and in our complete unqualified and uneducated opinion… Martin might need psychiatric help. In a You Tube video, Martin confirmed the split, and then gave the reason why: he wants to dedicate his time to gaming. He plays “Call Of Duty” full-time, and the pressures of a long-distance relationship got in the way of being the best he can be at shooting people on a television screen.

Garcia had taken a gig in Mexico City doing the weather, acting, and modelling after living in New York City for a year with Martin. The time and effort it took to go back-and-forth eventually proved to be too much for him. He says the contract and obligations he has to fulfill are what he really wants to do. He wants “win a ring” and be a “world champion” and right now he wants to “compete in ‘Call of Duty’ because (he) loves it so much.” Good for him for knowing what he wants in life, but…damn. It’s a safe bet that Garcia’s next dude won’t even own an Xbox or PS4.

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