Faith in Humanity Follow Up....Paying It Forward!

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet an incredible young woman who just wanted to meet her idol.  To recap that evening,  A group of us were passing the time by talking and sharing a drink or two. A young lady, who is a senior in high school, and her aunt came into the area because the station was about to award "meet and greets" and ticket upgrades to people who had entered a station drawing on site.

The young lady brought a sign with her. She had made it at home.  It said "Country 92.5, I will hide my crazy and act like a lady if y'all help me meet my hero."  She is a huge Miranda fan and getting to meet her would probably be the highlight of her high school life. 

Unfortunately, she did not win a meet and greet as she had been hoping.  Another woman ended up winning. 

What happened next restored my faith in humanity.  You see the woman who had won the meet and greets had come to the show alone.  Her husband had been ill and was not able to attend the show with her.  She had an extra meet and greet see where this is going......she walked over to that young lady, whom she had never met, and gave her the extra ticket.  

I had an opportunity to speak with both while we waited to meet Miranda.  The young lady is from the Pioneer Valley and she listens to KIX.  

Fast forward to this morning.  I received an e-mail from Mairead the Sign Girl!  Here's what she sent:

Hi Mike,It’s Mairead (sign girl) from the Miranda concert you wrote the article about. I just wanted to tell you that last night I went and saw Naill Horan and Maren Morris at the Xfinity in Hartford. My mom won the Maren Morris meet-and-greet and tickets from your station. As we were in line waiting to go into the venue, we saw a girl standing with her friend. The girl’s friend was standing in line to check in for the meet-and greet, but the other girl was standing outside. My mom and I assumed she didn’t have a pass. I had an extra pass, so asked the girl “would you like to meet Maren?” The girl started crying and was so thankful. My heart was so full because that is exactly how I felt when that lady gave me her extra pass to meet Miranda. I’m so happy I got the chance to help someone meet their idol!

It might have been some dust in the air or i got hit "in the feels" but, I teared up reading that message. The more acts of kindness and charity I see while working in the country format, the more I know I made the right choice coming to the Pioneer Valley!!  Thanks Mairead the Sign Girl!!  You are awesome and I'm sure you made your Momma proud!!

Mike Salois

Mike Salois

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