Most Americans Can’t Pass U.S. Citizenship Test

While lots of people are proud to be American, if they had to take a test to prove their citizenship, most would pass. A new report by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation finds that only 36% of Americans would pass the U.S. Citizenship Test, with a passing grade being a 60.

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Questions that stump Americans include the year the Constitution was ratified, which only 13% knowing the answer (1788), while 60% of people didn’t know which countries the U.S. fought in World War II, 57% of people don’t know how many Justices serve on the Supreme Court, and 72% of folks either incorrectly identified or were unsure of the 13 original states. 

As you can imagine, age plays a factor in how well folks know U.S. history, with those over 65 doing the best, with 74% being able to answer at least six of ten questions. Meanwhile only 19% of those under 45 could pass the test.

Can YOU pass? Try THIS QUIZ and find out!

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