What You Could’ve Bought With The Mega Millions Jackpot…

It’s now the day after the largest lottery jackpot in history, and it’s a pretty safe bet that you didn’t win. But it was sure nice to fantasize about all that you could do with that kind of jack though, wasn’t it? Had you been the one and only winner? There would’ve been a few things to take into consideration.

First, the cash option on that $1.6-billion was only $905 million. Then, you would see 45% or so gone in taxes – leaving you with just $500-million. Still, there’s a pretty impressive list of things that money would have gotten you.

Getty Images

Getty Images

 - 86 Bugatti Divos (at $5.8-million each)

 - 454 bottles of Macallan Valerio Adami Whiskey at ($1.1 million each…and even though there were only 12 ever made)

 - 2,500 tickets for all your friends to travel into space ($200,000 a pop)

 - 7 tons of gold bars (price could fluctuate on this one)

 - 6,666 nights in Mahattan’s Mark Hotel penthouse (running $75,000 a night)

 - Buy Necker Island from Richard Branson, and then have money for 7 more (he’s asking $60 million)

 - 22 Airbus H160 Helicopters ($22 million each)

 - 282,485 shares of Amazon (though it’s a tad volatile right now at $1,770 a share)

 - 83,333,333 cronuts – those half donut/half croissant sensations go for $6 each.

So…it didn’t happen, but there’s the Power Ball tonight…so keep the dreams alive.

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