More Married Couples Have Roommates Now

The last thing you would think a newly married couple would want is to shack up with roommates but many are finding they have no choice. Especially in parts of the country where the housing costs are astronomical. 

This phenomenon has become far more common over the past two decades, especially in the nation’s most expensive markets. It's no coincidence that the areas with the most married-with-roommate households are concentrated on the West Coast, a known area of high home prices and unaffordable living expenses. 

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Experts say the trend in these areas is expected to rise as home prices continue to up while people's incomes aren't rising as fast. For first-time married home buyers, especially those looking to buy in those unaffordable West Coast markets, finding a roommate to help offset housing costs may simply be the only thing to do. Happy house, um, roommate shopping!

Source: Trulia

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