Husband Had A Vasectomy But Finds Out Wife Is Pregnant, Then He Gives Her A Card

I love this story LOL Just because a man has a vasectomy doesn’t mean that he won’t get his wife pregnant, and Tim Brummel learned that lesson before his wife Rachel did.

Even though Tim got snipped eight months ago, he suspected Rachel might have a bun in the oven. Brummel put on his detective hat, disabled the toilet one night and collected some urine from his wife for a pregnancy test. It turned out positive - they were going to be parents for the fourth time.

Tim decided to surprise Rachel with the news by giving her the positive pregnancy test with a card that read, "To my baby mama, if you ever worried that life would be a bore put that fear aside, you are now a mommy of four."

The happy couple is expecting a baby boy and if Tim undergoes another vasectomy, unlike last time he’ll get the results of the procedure at his follow-up visit.

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