Soooo now people makeup shame?!

Okay, so I admit, I am not the best at sharing my opinions. I don't care about the thoughts of most people so I figure why the heck should they care about mine right? 

But this really pisses me off. I've worked as a makeup artist for 6 plus years... and I've seen some pretty weird shit in that time but NEVER EVER ( unless I was asked for my opinion or help ) did I ever feel the need to share my thoughts on what people do to their face. 

It's their face!?! Anyone who spends their time applying makeup is doing it for them...not YOU and whether or not you like it doesn't matter. 

Whether or not you think they're colors don't work, or foundation is wrong, or they look like a clown doesn't matter... if you don't like it... don't put it on your face!!!!  

For someone to have the audacity to fuck with someone's livelihood because you don't like what they have on their face just takes it to another level... 

I'm just happy that this girl has a high enough self esteem to deal with this sort of cowardly bullshit in a productive way... Check out her story here

End Rant    

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