Does Avocado Belong in Mac n Cheese?

LOL! Funny story about this... 

So when I lived with my grandparents I would often come home after the second job I would often find a plate of dinner waiting for me. ( yes I know I'm basically the luckiest lady ever ) 

Well one day I sit down to eat and I realize the mashed potatoes I'm about to eat have this weird green tint to them... so of course I ask Gram... turns out she read an article in some magazine about how you can add avocado to dishes instead of butter to make a "healthier" option...       

Yes, I ate them... because that's what you do when your grandmother makes you dinner.... 

Were they good? Meh... I'll take mine with butter over avocado thank you very much... But that hasn't stopped people from hoping on board the avocado train and adding it just about everything... including mac n cheese and people are not loving it! 

Check out the article HERE 

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