Weekends Call For Wine

If you follow me on various social media platforms, you probably noticed I drink a lot of wine... not like "Man, Tracy has a problem... why is she always drinking wine..." but like "Oh good, Tracy is trying and appreciating a new wine" a normal appreciation for it.... Whatever that means... lol

Basically I love it and it loves me and I want to share my love with you in a really non pretentious way. 

So each Friday I will pick a wine, drink the wine, and tell you about it... the good the bad and the ugly...just kidding wine could never be ugly. 

First stop... Langworthy Farm. 

So I stumbled on to this vineyard last summer and instantly fell in love. 

It's small and attached to a bed and breakfast in Westerly RI... You can check it out here if you're curious

P.s. I'd post more pics... but my BF is in them and he would not be happy but trust me SUPER cute... 

Langworthy Farm

Now I'm not sure this is a bring a rowdy bachelorette party to kind of place... they only have one bathroom for crying out loud... 

BUT it is absolutely perfect for a chill afternoon with a friend or two... they offer cheese plates, truffles, and do other small food things so they'll have you covered there. 

Okay... just one with Tom... 

Now for the WINE! 

The winemaker really prides himself on bold flavors with little to no sweetness which means if you are a sweet whites person... this place isn't really for you.

While they do have a few whites including a white merlot (my personal favorite) mostly this is a red lovers paradise. Check out their full wine list HERE 

I could go over 12 that are in normal rotation but I'll keep it simple with two... the Winnapaug White Merlot and the Pleasant Point Petit Verdot.

The Winnapaug White, is floral really.

 It has hints of fruits like strawberries and nectarines (sometimes cranberries based on the batch) but overall it has a very earthy floral disposition. And despite the fruit it is a very dry wine. Incredibly crisp amazing for Summer. Normally with whites I do try and stick to the chicken, fish, dessert rules HOWEVER the earthiness and lack of sweetness really made this pair well with a pork shoulder and oddly enough a double bacon cheeseburger... although if I'm being honest here I just wanted to drink it and didn't care what I was eating for dinner... 

Pleasant Point Petit Verdot, the one of the tasting rooms fan favorites, and for good reason. 

Westerly isn't exactly close to where I live in Mansfield Ma, however whenever we get down to the area and hit up Langworthy we ALWAYS come home with at least two bottles of the Petit Verdot. It's easy to drink, full bodied and is generally dry. Think the juiciness of summer berries minus the sweetness. And while it is dry, unlike most Petit Verdots, you can easily "accidentally" drink a bottle and not feel like you need to now drink a gallon of water. This one I would stick with red meats and chocolate... this is actually hands down my favorite wine to eat chocolate with... and I eat a sicking amount of chocolate... 

Well hopefully you have an idea about the venue, wine, ect and maybe you're in the area you can check it out... or if you just want wine you can buy them HERE either way enjoy! And I look forward to telling you about a new place next week! 

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