Weekends Call For Wine

So I was feeling homesick this week and needed something to bring me home so what better choice than wine! 

Now if you've ever been to the Cape and you like wine, you've probably heard of Truro Vineyards. They are super easy to find right off Route 6 in... you guessed it Truro... and have an amazing grounds. 

Wine tasting out by the vineyard... rum and gin tastings on the lawn and a newly remodeled store in the house. The store part threw me btw, because I really loved the rustic old house... but what can you do... the new layout is bright and clean and can certainly fit A LOT more product. 

Now for the wine, while they are most famous for their "Lighthouse Series" (pictured above) the vineyard does carry a large variety of wines... they just don't all come in a lighthouse shaped bottle! 

So this week I'll tell you about three different styles I gravitate towards. 

For the Lighthouse Series I am obsessed with the Cape Blush pictured above. It's a crisp semi sweet light rose, that never fails to impress. Since I am not always a patience woman I have had the wine both it chilled or warm. When warm I find the fruity flavors are a bit more pronounced, chilled however enhance the drinking experience and I find does make it go down quicker... but over all I've not tasted much of a difference. As for pairings I LOVE this with a BBQ chicken, or pork... or a good piece of fish. 

Check out the full line (including my go to Christmas gift the Cranberry Red) HERE

Now if you're a red's girl like me Truro Vineyards absolutely has you covered. While the selection is fairly small, only 4 full time wines, each one of them was perfectly crafted to meet the expectations of even the toughest wine critic. Personally my favorite has to be the Bordeaux style, Triumph Meritage. 

It is the priciest bottle of wine of the bunch but that being said it still comes in under 25 dollars so not terrible and for the quality it's absolutely worth it. 

The wine itself has a hearty balance of juiciness and earthiness that really makes it the kind of wine you can just sit back and enjoy while honestly doing anything. I will admit, that I often drink this when I'm reading and rarely while I'm eating however the vineyard suggests it pairs well with beef, lamb and hardy cheeses just as any full bodied dry red would. 

Check out their full list of reds HERE

Really I'm not a sweet wine type of a lady so even when picking my favorite whites they'll tend to be on the drier side, which is why the Semi dry Vignoles was my winner in the whites round. 

With 5 whites, they certainly cover all the bases: Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, are all styles you can expect to find among the mix. 

The Vignoles comes in around 16 bucks, has a buttery finish with hints of tropical fruits in the mix. I got quite a bit of coconut on the nose but you can find hints of pineapple and guava in the mix as well. 

I absolutely adore this wine with popcorn or slightly salty snacks but the vineyard also recommends it as a dessert wine with a fresh berry tart or a creme brulee. 

Check out the full list of whites HERE 

Now I won't go into much detail... BUT the vineyard also does make AMAZING Rum and Gin at really really good price points.... in fact in the Summer I have been known to have probably one too many of their Painkillers ( they make them in house then top them with their 21 Boat Rum... sooooo good)  so if you're curious about those you can find them HERE 

Until next week, happy drinking :) 

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