What's next for Chip and Joanna?!

Those of us who have spent the last five years watching the Gaines' remodel their hometown of Waco Texas had a pretty emotional night last night as the series finale came to a close.  

The above pic is just a taste of last nights remodel. 

Personally I ended up crying when it came time for the reveal... and when Chip and Jo said their final goodbyes... Okay I'm tearing up now just thinking about it... and I promised I wouldn't spoil it in case you're a bit behind so back to the point of this article... 

Chip and Joanna may be leaving our TV sets BUT they do have many big things in their horizon.  

Basically the with a new baby on the way... a new restaurant...a cook book AND a new kids line the Gaines's are going to be ALL over the place in 2018... See what they had to say about that HERE

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